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Noisier Rams

Marry Hatter Ladle Limb

        Marry hatter ladle limb
        Itch fleas worse widest snore.
        An ever-wear dept Marry win
        Door limb worse shorter gore.

Sinker Sucker Socks Pants

        Sinker sucker socks pants
        Apocryphal awry
        Foreign turnkey blank boards
        Bagged inner pyre.
        Whinny pious orphaned
        Door boards bay-gander sink.
        Worsen dizzy jelly ditch
        Toe setter furry kink?
        Door kink worse inner conning horse
        Conning otters moaning.
        Door coin worse inner panda
        Aiding burden honing.
        Door mate worse inner gardening
        Hankering ardor cloys.
        A lung camel blank board
        An sniffing offer noise!

(I would change “socks” to “sex”, not only because it is provocative, but because it sounds closer to the intended word.)


        Effervescent further ACHE
            dare wooden bather CHECKING.
        Effervescent further PEG
            way wooden heifer BECKING.
        Effervescent further LESSONS
            dare wooden bather DITCHERS.
        Effervescent further ODDEST
            way wooden heifer PITCHERS
        Effervescent further CLASHES
            way wooden kneader CLASH RUMS.
        Effervescent further BASH TOPS
            way wooden heifer BASH RUMS.
        Effervescent further TUCKING
            way wooden heifer LANGUISH.
        Effervescent further WARTS
            nor bawdy cud spick ANGUISH!

Oiled Murder Harbored

        Oiled Murder Harbored
        Wen tutor cardboard
        Toe garter pore darker born.
        Wenchy gut dare
        Door cardboard worse bar
        An soda pore dark hat known.

Pitter Paper

        Pitter Paper peeked or parker peckled paupers
        Or packer peckled paupers pitter paper peeked
        Aft Pitter Paper peeked or packer peckled paupers
        Ware aster packer peckled paupers debt pitter paper peeked?

(I think this one ought to have a few more capital letters.)

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