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Popping up everywhere!

    I have no idea if it is just my perception right now, but it seems that everybody around me is pregnant! (well, half of everybody) At the very beginning, there was Dennis Phillips and Darcy who became new parents, and then the email from Alan. So, I got here and met Alan's baby Julian. Not long after, I met my lab mate Tony's baby, Adam. Pam and I attended a party to welcome Adam to the Alan Kingstone Lab clan. Just recently, I discovered that another grad student here is pregnant.
    That is only here in Edmonton. You remember Pam's cousin Melissa, who was one of her bride's maids? Well, she and her sister are going to have babies! They are due a month apart. Pam's aunt Geraldine (wedding photographer) just had her baby. This can't just be my perception.
    I am not trying to say that I am planning to jump over that hurdle any time soon, but there is no denying that the possibility exists. Pam and I have had the discussion a few times, and we agree that no babies should grace our household for a little while yet. When we left Halifax, Pam picked up a year's worth of pills. Once those are gone she is very interested in not renewing the prescription. And then, a number of months have to be observed while the chemicals are flushed from her system.
    Pam has a plan which sees us having a child or children old enough to attend pre-school by the time I finish my degree. We have not agreed to set this plan in motion, but even impartial observers have commented on its merits. Pam would be able to return to school during the day if we managed to get back to Nova Scotia, or even if she found another institution she wished to attend.
    There is some tension between us in this area, but we are not letting it become an argument. In any case, I still have over a year before any action is required. I tell Pam that, right now, I am not interested in having children, and we shall see how my feelings change in the future. Truthfully, I am definitely not opposed to the idea in many ways. I just don't want the extremes of responsibility while I have other important responsibilities. But will that ever change? I want to have time to love my children.

    This free-flowed at 1:30 in the morning, when I was trying to figure out something which was worthy of your page.

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