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Kliban Cats!!

    I'm not sure where these cats first showed up (maybe the New Yorker), but they certainly have me as a fan. When I was quite young, my grandmother gave me a down quilt with these cats, dressed in red canvas sneakers, traipsing all over it. I've still got the quilt, but the cover is long gone. I also had a stuffed version of the same sneakered cat, but I have no idea where it is either.
    I hope you share the appreciation of these cats, and their cartoonist B. "Hap" Kliban.

    I have 31 of the cartoons that I have chosen to exhibit on my page, ignoring any copyright legislation, hoping that nobody will bother me. Half the coloured ones appear on this page, and half on a second. The classic black and white ones have two pages of their own. One and Two. I hope they are easy enought to see. Some details are obscured because they are somewhat small.
Transit catWild catCuriosity

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