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University links

  • How to Be a Good Graduate Student
  • Graduate Student Resources Page
  • Graduate Student Advice and Research Survival Guide
  • A Psychology Student Handbook - How to Prepare a Vita
  • Trivia, riddles and one contest

  • ANYDAY Today-in-History PAGE - produces all the famous things which happened on, say, your birthday.
  • Riddle du Jour - Submit an answer and win a prize! (I actually won once!)
  • The Quotations Page - A well kept source of old and new wisdom and cynicism.
  • Deb and Jen's Land O' Useless Facts - Everything you never really needed to know.
  • John Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - A searchable index of more quotes. Older quotes.
  • Faites Centsation - Design our 1999 & 2000 quarters for the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Science links

  • Discovery Online - A fancy page which I haven't had time to explore.
  • Warp Drive When? - A fellow who heads the new NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP) Program.
  • Beachcombers' Alert! - Ever wonder where a message in a bottle would go?
  • Art links

  • WebMagick Presents: The Pre-Raphaelite Collection
  • WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)
  • Michelle's Homepage - I was looking for a different Michelle. Imagine my surprise when I found Waterhouse paintings
  • The Alexander Palace Time Machine - Makes you jealous of dead royalty.
  • Literary fun

  • The Linguistic Fun Page - for those who like puns, and think English is too stuffed
  • The Online-Books Page - entire books! Authors from Lewis Carroll to Victor Hugo to Plato
  • The Collective Noun page - a bevy of swans, a clutch of kleptomaniacs or a hover of hummingbirds
  • Anguish Languish - "English Language" stories said in words which sound the same, but mean different
  • Advanced Book Exchange -Searching for an out-of-print, rare or hard-to-find book?
  • Computer links

  • AntiVirus Software Database - AntiVirus Resources
  • Ulead Systems Innovative Multimedia Solutions
  • Data Fellows Download Center - AntiVirus Resources
  • CoinWorks Shareware - a database program to catalogue your coin collection.
  • Windows Shareware Collection
  • Internet services

  • Tripod - Create your own homepage. "Voila!"
  • Hotmail - Check your mail from wherever. Beware! Owned by Microsoft.
  • Bigfoot - Email address for life.
  • Sixdegrees - Who is connected to you? Six degrees of separation from whomever on earth.
  • Electronic Greeting Cards for free
  • And even better, a Virtual Florist
  • Personal Homepages

  • hoya bella's page - my sister's well-done contribution to the web
  • or not to be... - one of the best personal pages I've ever visited
  • Helen's Internet Haven - Helen inspired me to put up my web page.
  • Misanthropic Bitch - if the title offends, don't go; enraged at political correctness, she's making fun of us all.
  • Miscellaneous

  • cyberLove - a web show unafraid to tackle any issue
  • Harmony Central - guitar tableture archive
  • CBC RADIO --- Canada's National Public Radio Broadcaster
  • Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style
  • The humor library - a good source for stuffing e-mail boxes
  • The Swiss Web Knife All the links you could ever want, presented in a well organized fashion
  • Cooking for graduate students and new kitchen dwellers.
  • Newspapers found on the WWW
  • Project Censored, all the news which didn't make it to the news stand because it was too controversial.
  • Home button

    All links last checked: April 5, 1999.