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October 2 and Oct. 6

October 2.

     On my way home, walking from the BioSci building to the bus terminal, I saw an amusing sight. From behind me, I heard the squeaky joints and gears of an elderly bicycle. Atop the bicycle, as it trundled by, was erectly seated a grey-bearded gentleman. He was wearing a Tilley hat, neatly curled at the edges, and an orange raincoat. Not too remarkable, you say. But, what struck me was that he had absolutely none of the expression that you might expect from one riding a bicycle. Instead, he was contemplatively staring ahead, and slowly stroking his beard with one hand, while steering with the other. I donít know if this would strike others as funny, but I just thought to myself that his demeanor would be identical if he was sitting behind his desk. As he rode by, he turned to me and nodded, as if I had just walked by his office.
     I am currently sitting in a bus shelter at the university. It is getting chilly, it is only 5:30 and it is getting dark. All the street lights are on already. I am actually looking forward to winter, just to see what it will be like. I donít mind wearing layers. Whoíll take bets on whether Iíll be complaining by December?
     Yesterday, I dropped off my Alberta Heritage Foundation studentship application. That was a relief and a sense of accomplishment. Now, Iím starting on the National Science and Engineering Research Council application.

October 6.

     Not much happening. I got contact lenses over the weekend. Quite a change in perspective. Pamís really enjoying her job; she comes home every day with new stories of her ten-month-old chargeís antics.
     Weather was great today! It may have been dark and dreary on Friday, but today was nothing but sunshine. It reached 20 degrees (68 F).

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