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Curriculum Vitae
September 1999

Department of Psychology
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2E9
Office: (780) 492-5846
Lab: (780) 492-9937


Education - Scholarships - Manuscripts - Presentations - Teaching - Activities & Committees - Courses


Ph.D. (in progress), University of Alberta. Supervisor: Dr. Roberto Cabeza, Co-supervisor: Dr. Alan Kingstone.
B.Sc. (1st Class Honours) (1998) in Psychology, Dalhousie University.
Honours thesis: “Effects of inversion, contrast reversal and direction of lighting on face identification” Supervisor: Dr. Patricia McMullen

Scholarships, Honours and Awards:

Walter H. Johns Graduate Fellowship (September 1999 - present)
NSERC PGSA Postgraduate Scholarship (May 1999 - present)
AHFMR Postgraduate Studentship (January 1999 - present)
Dean’s Honour List, Dalhousie University (1996 - 1998)
Dalhousie University Scholarship (1998)
Dalhousie Entrance Scholarship (September 1994)

Submitted Manuscripts:

Henderson, R. B., McMullen, P. A. & Shore, D. I. (Submitted). Testing a two component model of face identification: Effects of inversion, contrast-reversal and direction of lighting.


Henderson, R. (1996). Creating false memories of pictures not seen in a series. Poster presented at the Atlantic Provinces Council on the Sciences Annual Psychology Conference, Halifax, Canada.

 Teaching Assistantships:

University of Alberta:
The Psychology of Criminal Conduct (Psychology 403), Fall 1998, Winter 1999.
Principles of Behaviour (Psychology 281), Fall 1998.

Dalhousie University:
Contemporary Research Problems in Psychology (Psychology 2500), Winter 1994.
Methods in Experimental Psychology (Psychology 2000), Fall 1993.

Academic Activities and Committee Work:

Member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Council, University of Alberta (U of A), September 1999 to present.
Graduate Student Association Representative, Department of Psychology, University of Alberta, September 1998 to present.
Member of the Psychoquium Committee, September 1998 to present.
President of the Dalhousie Association of Psychology Students (DAPS), 1997-1998.
Dalhousie Science Society Representative for DAPS, 1996-1997.

Graduate Course Work:

Psychology 502: Professional and Ethical Issues
Psychology 531: Design and Analysis in Psychological Research I
Psychology 532: Design and Analysis in Psychological Research II


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