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What's up?

    Now that we've settled in here in Edmonton, my thoughts turn back to Halifax (not that they ever left). And I'm wondering how everything is going. I've been trying to get ahold of you, Misha, and it seems much more difficult than I imagined. You know, it's three hours later here than there, so even if you gave me a ring at two in the morning, it is likely that I'd still be up to receive your call.
    So, what is everybody doing? Picking up and leaving? Writing for The Coast? You know how to get ahold of me.
    Pam and I are getting used to Edmonton. We've seen the ... well, we're heading to the zoo on Saturday, we're avoiding the West Edmonton Mall, and there are a couple of botanical gardens that I really want to see. We haven't seen any of the really famous or large attractions yet, but we've toured the university and gotten accustomed to the geography. Did you know that Billy Schmidt is supposed to be coming out here soon?


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Page last updated on July 30, 1998.