Extreme anguish!

Anguish Languish - Howard L. Chace
Table of Contents:


    Furry Tells:
        Ladle Rat Rotten Hut
        Guilty Looks Enter Tree Beers
        Center Alley

    Noisier Rams:
        Marry Hatter Ladle Limb
        Sinker Sucker Socks Pants
        Oiled Murder Harbored
        Pitter Paper

    Fey-Mouse Tells:
        Casing Adder Bet (I'll probably never copy this, since I don't like the story.)
        Violate Huskings (no idea what this is)

    Lath Thing Thumb Thongs!
        Fryer Jerker
        Ally Wetter
        Door Oil Gory Mayor
        Dare Ashy Turban Inner Thorn
        Fur Hazy Jelly Gut Furlough
        Hive Ban Walking Honor Roil Rut
        Hurl, Hurl, Door Gong's Oil Hair
        Hormone Derange


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